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The Training, Demonstration and Research site at Debre Berhan University aims to facilitate the development of Ethiopia’s agricultural knowledge infrastructure and to support a new generation of farmers, agronomists and experts, growing leaders for the future of food security. The site has a 1-hectare pressurized irrigation system for vegetable production and fruit tree cultivation.  The site conducts trainings and is the base of CultivAid's operation.   



Since over 75% of the region is farmers, greater agricultural knowledge and new technologies is the key for economic development.  


The Agricultural program is being led by CultivAid, an Israeli agricultural development organization with extensive experience in Ethiopia.  The program emphasizes knowledge based development and technical support to the region by growing agronomists who are able to diffuse and transfer knowledge throughout the region.  Through building local capacity, CultivAid stresses that development needs to come from within. The development of professionals will enable scaling up of all agricultural programs. The Training, Demonstration and Research site is in partnership with Debre Berhan University and additional programs are being developed with the Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute.  


At the core of CultivAid’s philosophy is providing practical hands on training in order to build tacit knowledge. The facilities of the TDR enable agronomists, students and farmers to attain the required experience and to develop modern agricultural skills. The center aims to support current infrastructures and provide trainings and workshops to farmers, the bureau of agriculture, research institutes, Technical and vocational colleges, universities, NGOs and private enterprises.


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